Non Profit Video Awards

YouTube is launching its 5th Annual DoGooder Non-Profit Video Awards with a brand new award aimed at spurring online participation. The competition is a collaboration between YouTube and See3 with participation from Flip and NTEN. I’m really looking forward to watching the submission videos. From my first hand experience in the sector I know that non profit […]

Panasonic makes you pretty?

Have you heard about the new Panasonic Lumix FX77 camera that went out on the market in Japan last week? The camera claims to “improve the looks” of people.  It can make your face smaller, whiten yellow teeth, make eyes bigger, remove dark circles, give you a chin lift and even apply makeup instantly! I am not sure I […]

What Valentine’s day means to a Mexican

Valentine’s day is more than just an excuse to celebrate a lover. In Mexico the day is called “Día del Amor y la Amistad”, which means “Day of Love and Friendship”. Romantic love is indeed celebrated, but so is the love between parents and children, between friends, between family members, collegues, etc. There are so […]

Patience paid off

Yesterday was a very happy day for me. I was finally granted full permanent residence to Canada!!!! I sent my initial forms filled out to Immigration Canada  489 days ago.  So after a long process that required lots of attention to detail, organization, translating of paperwork and above all patience, I am glad that the […]