United Way : “Seeing is Believing Bus Tour” PART 3: Boys and Girls Club

Among the many social services that United Way supports is the Boys and Girls Club on Pinecrest, so we also made a stop there on our “Seeing is Believing Bus Tour” to get a better idea of what they do. The Boys and Girls Club currently gets 20% of its funding from United Way.

The Boys and Girls Club provides services for over 4,600 children and youth in our city. More than 600 kids are registered as part of the after-school homework program! There are 8 locations in Ottawa with facilities that truly amazed me. Two of the clubs in Ottawa even have swimming pools where they teach kids how to swim in order to prevent drowning. The Club is moving towards removing all membership fees for kids so that no child has a financial barrier to be a part of the club.

United Way : “Seeing is Believing Bus Tour” PART 2: The Carling Family Shelter

During the United Way, “Seeing is Believing Bus Tour” one of our stops was at the Carling Family Shelter. This shelter houses a total of 44 families and it is ALWAYS FULLY BOOKED!  They actually  have a waiting list for families that are in need of the use of the facilities year round. I was surprised […]