Panasonic makes you pretty?

Have you heard about the new Panasonic Lumix FX77 camera that went out on the market in Japan last week?

The camera claims to “improve the looks” of people.  It can make your face smaller, whiten yellow teeth, make eyes bigger, remove dark circles, give you a chin lift and even apply makeup instantly!

I am not sure I am convinced that it is the way to go for simple point and shoot cameras, especially if the users are taking pictures of a whole bunch of things and not using it solely for shooting close up portraits of people. But I won’t knock it ’til I have tried it.  When I heard of this camera my first reaction was negative. I thought of the pressure millions of teenagers must feel to try to aspire to near perfect looks.

Most importantly, what are we teaching the younger generations about beauty?

Is Panasonic telling our kids that they need beauty enhancements and profiting from low self esteem? Is it real if you are faking it?

What do you think?

Published by Stella Garcia

I was born and raised in Monterrey on the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range in Mexico. Over 20 years ago my parents gave me my first camera as a birthday gift and ever since I got that simple point and shoot Kodak camera, I have enjoyed looking at the world from behind a lens. Technology has improved and I have upgraded cameras many times since then, but the need to capture a perfect moment remains the same. Photography provides me a way to communicate with others. Digital photography allows me to play with photographs and it enables me to sink deeper in the creative process. I studied photography for the first time in 1995 and continue to enjoy capturing special moments every chance I get.

One reply on “Panasonic makes you pretty?”

  1. The more I read about this camera, the more I like the idea of what you can do with the editing features. My Color Mode and the Art Retouch mode are definitely cool features to have. I'm still not sure about the “make my skin lighter”, “whiten my teeth”, “lift my cheeks”, “apply makeup” and “make me look thinner” modes. If I was looking for a point and shoot camera to carry around in my purse I might consider this one, but probably wouldn't use it to take portraits.

    To read more on the features of the camera:

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