Are you new to Canada?

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Like most newcomers to Canada you are probably trying to juggle all the paperwork to start a life in your new country. You are not alone, about 250,000 people go through the exact same process every year. The good thing is that you don’t have to start from scratch! There are some great blogs that you could benefit from reading.

My favourite blog on the subject is The Ziegler’s Blog; the story of an Argentinian family who now lives in the the Ottawa region. Plus their website has a blogroll that includes 25 other blogs on the subject of immigrating to Canada!

Once you have read (and learned) from the experiences of other immigrants, you will most likely focus most of your energy on finding a job. One of the key ingredients to a successful start of your new life in Canada will depend on finding a job that matches your skills/qualifications. There are many programs that help newcomers for free; use them!

Even though I have been living in Canada for almost 4 years, I was recently granted Permanent Residence.  And as soon as I became a landed immigrant I approached World Skills.  The staff have been very friendly, professional and helpful. I personally have been very grateful for their support and feedback. If you are in the Ottawa area make sure you contact World Skills, they will gladly give you a helping hand by letting you know of job fairs, opportunities for networking in the area, etc.

My advice is: don’t be shy, get started quickly and accept all the help you can get!

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