My bucket list

I have started to work on my bucket list, but a lot of things are still pending.

It might make things a lot easier if it started to rain money or if I lived to be 140!

Here’s the to do list for my life:

Read the whole Bible | Go on a Safari in Africa | Scuba dive | Go fishing with my dad | Ride a camel in the desert | Learn to Tango | Get Canadian citizenship | Run a 10k | Try escargot | Take a road trip across the U.S./Canada | Ride a bicycle | Visit Salzburg and go on “The Sound of Music tour” | Take a cruise in the Mediterranean | Own an art gallery | Grow vegetables |Go berry picking | Write a children’s book | Be fluent in French | Set foot on all continents | Setup a scholarship fund | Stand atop the Great Wall of China | Host a pool party | Have a dog again | Get DNA tested to find my true genealogy | Visit Cape Breton |Attend the summer Olympics | Finish the family tree | Live in a house with a window seat | Own a bed and breakfast | Paint something that I actually like |  Make my own tree swing | Go on another silent retreat | Do something artistic with tiles | Use my work to improve lives | Repay my parents for college tuition | Learn how to cook Thai (Tom Yum Soup, Curry and Pad Thai) | Participate in a giant food fight | Get pregnant | Be a good mother | Go camping in the backyard | Teach my husband Spanish | Take at least one photograph that travels the world | Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity | Visit my friends in Europe | Write a novel | Grow my own spices | Own land | Throw a block party | Pay off all debt | Buy a cottage in the countryside | Write a million dollar check to a charity | Give a speech in front of thousands | Road trip through Italy | Go to China | Send a family Christmas postcard | Make it a habit to have lemonade on the front porch swing on warm summer nights | Buy a house | Paint a wall all by myself | Go to Disney | Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary |Have a big wedding anniversary party | Spend St. Patrick’s day in Ireland | Travel by train | Make my grandmother’s banana nut bread| Hang a hammock in the backyard | Make my own sushi | Ski again | Participate in a theatre production | Plant bulbs in a public space | Shovel my neighbors driveway for a season| Sing at a karaoke bar | Spoil the grandkids | Write a song | Hike to the top of a mountain | Take a hot air balloon ride |Rent a house on the beach  |Surprise our loved ones with a free trip | Build a treehouse | Sleep in a treehouse | Take a self defense class | Go to Carnaval in Brazil | Design & print a wedding album | Enter a swing dance competition | Go skinny dipping | Make my own Christmas ornaments | Retire | Start an annual event | Have plenty of room for guests in our home | Form a workplace with people I love | Make my own wine | Donate my body to science (Lyme Disease research) |

Seems to be quite a reasonable to do list to me.

Maybe I’ll think different when I reread it tomorrow!

Published by Stella Garcia

I was born and raised in Monterrey on the majestic Sierra Madre mountain range in Mexico. Over 20 years ago my parents gave me my first camera as a birthday gift and ever since I got that simple point and shoot Kodak camera, I have enjoyed looking at the world from behind a lens. Technology has improved and I have upgraded cameras many times since then, but the need to capture a perfect moment remains the same. Photography provides me a way to communicate with others. Digital photography allows me to play with photographs and it enables me to sink deeper in the creative process. I studied photography for the first time in 1995 and continue to enjoy capturing special moments every chance I get.

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