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The perfect office

Some people dream about traveling to the perfect vacation spot, the day they retire, or owning the perfect home.  I am human and dream about all of the above, but I also have a dream about working in the perfect office space someday.

I dream of an office space that would have a desk that you can sit at and a desk/table that you can lift so that it is at a comfortable height so that I can chose to stand while working if that suits me. An office with a great view, en-suite restroom, a hidden kitchenette with a state of the art coffee maker and a fountain in full view. A space with couches and pillows, and maybe even a rocking chair.  Tech gadgets, lighting choices and surround sound come to mind. Big windows and large plants. Possibly a fireplace and definitely a large balcony or terrace so that I can step outdoors and hold meetings outside.

Wouldn’t that inspire you too?

  • When you are looking to start a business or maybe grow your current business you will want to look for an office for rent. When you have an office you have an official area you will be doing business in. One advantage about renting office space is you have to ability to rent a space in the area you want because you will not have to spend the big money of renting out an entire building, saving you money. They also have pretty much all the items you will need in the office buildings, such as phone connections and internet access, giving you a much more efficient office space.
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