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One answer to many e-mails

Since I moved to Canada I have received a crazy number of e-mails (probably in the thousands by now) from foreigners that want to move to Canada asking me questions about how to go through the immigration process. I want to help them find the information easily, but I am not an immigration expert or a consultant of any sort and I seem to have less time to reply to e-mails on the topics.  I have decided to dedicate my next couple of blog posts to the subject of immigration and visas and will try to answer as many questions as possible with the posts. In the future when I receive e-mails on the subject I will simply redirect questions to these blog posts which will link to official government of Canada websites.

To my English speaking readers and friends, please don’t be annoyed by the fact that I will be posting on on immigration in Spanish over the weekend, it will be a one time thing. I will only dedicate a couple of blog posts to this and will soon be back to entertaining you in English!

Have a fantabulous weekend y’all!

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