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A Stranger to some

Stella Garcia at the Ottawa TulipFest 2011

I don’t particularly enjoy having my picture taken, but when I heard about the “100 Strangers” project, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about it.

Kym Schumsky has been meeting with strangers in Ottawa for over a year and capturing their essence. Not only does she take fabulous photographs, but she writes an excerpt about them on her blog as well.

It’s a fabulous experiment that gives tribute to the wonderful people the roam the streets of the capital of Canada. Kym is a beautiful woman that radiates a “je ne said quoi”; lovely and very talented. She has clear goals in mind and with this project would like to raise funds to support medical missions abroad.

Doesn’t it sound fantastic? I know. That’s why I felt I had to volunteer, and that’s how I became one of her STRANGERS.

What I loved MOST about the 100 STRANGERS project?

1) Kym & her very supportive husband.

2) Creativity in action!

3) Commitment in support of a good cause.

PHOTO CREDIT: Kym Schumsky ( or find her on Twitter at @relishing

  • Kimusan

    I loved meeting you too, Stella.  Thank you so very much for participating.   And DO make sure your readers get to see some of the OTHER beautiful shots of you – now playing:

  • Thanks for everything, Kym. I'm not really sure, but my only reader might be my dad. hahahaha

    Let me know when you are ready to build a marketing strategy for the fundraising, I would love to help with that.