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Super Bowl Sunday

During most of the year I am grateful that my husband isn’t glued to the TV every time a football game is taking place. We spend a lot of quality time together on weekends/evenings. I know that not all wives are this lucky, and many “lose” their husbands during football season.

My dear Canadian husband is more of a hockey fan. And although I enjoy hockey, and really enjoy going to the Senator games, I would describe myself as a basketball and tennis fan.

The only day of the year in which I regret that my husband and I aren’t big football fans is on Super bowl Sunday.

Today, I wish we were part of that huge crowd that gets wild about the game. I am missing being loud, drinking beer and eating nachos with the family down south.  Both soccer and football are such an important part of my Mexican family’s culture. I love sharing the games with them, because it is important for them it is important for me too. It is always a treat to share my family’s devotion and excitement for these competitive sports. That’s what the Super Bowl means to me; great family time.

Enjoy the Super bowl!

We will enjoy it from Canada as well. In our own way.

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