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Have you heard about the Awesome Foundation?

I initially moved to Ottawa to fulfill a one year work contract and never thought I’d stay longer than that.  Adventures have always been welcome in my life, and  I viewed my stay in Ottawa as one more adventure to scratch off the bucket list.

But Ottawa surprised me and it didn’t take long before I decided that I wanted to make this my permanent home.

The most amazing thing is that even after living here for a few years, I continue to be surprised. I am pleasantly surprised by the fantastic people that live here, the constant cultural displays, the marvelous small community feel, the amazing festivals, musical offerings, great libraries, funny comedians, talented musicians etc.

I want to share with you a recent discovery which is worth a blog post and makes me love Ottawa more, it is called: Awesome Ottawa.

Have you heard about Awesome Ottawa?

It’s a pretty simple concept. You submit an awesome idea. If the trustees think your idea will make our city a bit more AWESOME they will chose it and you’ll get $1,000 in cash to make it happen.  One idea is selected each month.

Start thinking and spread the word.

To send your idea go to: