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Mexico Nowadays

As a Mexican citizen living abroad I often get asked if the media is exaggerating the amount of violence in my home country. Most people can’t conceive that so much violence can be real and it saddens me to have to confirm that what they have read is true. The situation is even worse than what most […]

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7 things I learned from my boss, the Ambassador

1) Empty your Inbox  and reply to ALL e-mails everyday The Ambassador set the example well and would stay in his office as long as he needed (sometimes even until midnight) so that he could accomplish this. Having a blackberry glued to him 24 hours a day helped him accomplish that as well. He used […]

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The perfect office

Some people dream about traveling to the perfect vacation spot, the day they retire, or owning the perfect home.  I am human and dream about all of the above, but I also have a dream about working in the perfect office space someday. I dream of an office space that would have a desk that […]

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¿Quieres visitar Canadá?

Canadá es un país espectacular, si quieres información sobre que visitar te recomiendo que veas la página de Turismo en español. Para visitar Canadá como turista algunas personas necesitan visa de turista, o como le llaman aquí: temporary resident visa. Para revisar si los ciudadanos de tu país requieren visa, ve la lista oficial publicada por […]

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Solicitar la residencia permanente de Canadá

Para pedir la residencia canadiense, puedes solicitarla por diferentes vías. Aquí está la liga para que veas los requisitos: Canadá quiere inmigrantes de calidad – sin antecedentes penales, jóvenes, con estudios de universidad o habilidades específicas, de preferencia que hablen uno de los dos idiomas oficiales, y que se puedan adaptar fácilmente a su […]

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¿Emigraré a Canadá, o no?

Antes de comenzar a explicar el proceso de cómo emigrar a Canadá, creo que deberías de analizar el porque quieres llevar a cabo tu cambio de residencia. No todo es fácil, y tampoco todo es difícil. Comparto con ustedes los pros y contras (mi opinión personal) de emigrar a Canadá. ¿Por qué emigrar a Canadá? […]

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One answer to many e-mails

Since I moved to Canada I have received a crazy number of e-mails (probably in the thousands by now) from foreigners that want to move to Canada asking me questions about how to go through the immigration process. I want to help them find the information easily, but I am not an immigration expert or […]

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A Stranger to some

I don’t particularly enjoy having my picture taken, but when I heard about the “100 Strangers” project, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about it. Kym Schumsky has been meeting with strangers in Ottawa for over a year and capturing their essence. Not only does she take fabulous photographs, but she writes an excerpt about […]

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The happiest day EVER

You have probably heard people talking about the “end of the world”. According to someone somewhere, today will be judgement day. I try not to worry about things that are out of my control, and I’m definitely not one to panic.  But it did get me thinking about what the happiest moments in my life have […]

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5 Tips that will make Spring Cleaning easier

It can sometimes be difficult to know where to start the spring cleaning of our homes. These five tips have helped me clean and tidy up, hope they help you too. 1)  Make a list of what you would like to accomplish 2) Take out your calendar and match up time slots with the activities on […]

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