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United Way: Seeing is Believing bus tour!

I found out that United Way Ottawa was organizing a “Seeing is Believing Tour” through Twitter.  The twitter invitation said that the tour was open to ALL of those with an interest in seeing positive change in the community and that it wasFREE.  From the description of the participants they were looking for I decided that I could be included in the “I care for the community I live in” category, so I quickly registered online and signed up to go on the bus tour!

I didn’t know anybody else who would be on the tour, but I had been looking for ways to approach United Way and offer volunteer for them, so what a better way to do this then at one of their events, right?

All that I knew before going on the actual tour was that a group of like minded people would be going on a bus tour to two community organizations where we would be able to see firsthand how United Way has helped change people’s lives – for the better. But I didn’t actually know which projects we would be touring.

On Wednesday, November 3rd I headed out to the United Way headquarters equipped with my camera and a whole lot of enthusiasm!  All the participants were very kind and friendly. Most were talking and typing on their smartphones throughout the tour. Twitter was flooded with updates from most of the participants who were using the hashtags #UWtweets.  We visited the Carling Family Shelter (formerly Bayshore Hotel) and the Boys and Girls Club on Pinecrest where we got really great guided tours of the facilites and learned how United Way Ottawa helps these organizations change the lives of so many people in our community.

Due to privacy issues we weren’t able to take photographs during the tour. So you’ll just have to get on the next“Seeing is Believing” bus tour and see for yourself. Please stay tuned for the following blog posts where I will write a detailed account of each of the facilities we visited.

Thank you United Way for the opportunity to get to know you better and congratulations to everyone involved in the organization of such a wonderful event! A special thanks to Beau’s beer for supporting United Way and giving us a chance to sample your brews after the tour was over; it was a perfect way to wrap up the day.